John Kelly owns and operates the Hideaway Cafe in St Petersburg, Florida.  The Hideaway Cafe grew as an extension of Hideaway Recording Studio, where John has had the privilege of producing countless local and touring musicians.  The studio had its beginnings in Nashville and has continued its growth here in St Petersburg behind the scenes of the Hideaway Cafe music venue, where you can catch original artists like these taking the stage.

Some of the artists John is credited for recording over the years (whether for singles or full length tracked or live albums, audio tracks for video or otherwise) are:


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10th Concession  

AJ Swearingen 

Alan Mowry 

Aubrey Wollett 

Ben Bryan 

Bert Savel 

Betty Fox 

Big Kettle Drum 

Blue Eyed Bettys 

Booth Jewett 

Bryan Elijah Smith 

Butch Ross 

Christie Lenee 

Clyde Moreland 

Colin Ward 

Connor Zwetsch 


Daniel B Marshall 

Dave Eggar (cello player for Phillip Phillips,
Coldplay, Pearl Jam) 

Dave Williamson 

David Lewis 

David York 

Dean Johanesen 


Doug Willcox  

Dustin Overbeek 

Ed Woltil 

Ellis Paul 

Emerson Hart 

Emily Turnage 

Eric Best 

Evan Koteles 

Forrest Hoffar 

Fowler's Bluff 

Gareth Asher 

Garrick Aden-Buie 

Harpeth Rising 

Hank Woji 


India Adams 

Iris Calling 

Jack Jasper 

Jayne Kelli 

Jennifer Morrison 

Jerrod Simpson 


Joel Kachel 

Joe Bryan 

John Friday 

John Holt III 

John Paul Goetsch 

John Q 

Jun Bustamante

Karen Black 

Kasondra Rose  

Kate Cillian 

Kate Reuter  

Keith Koehler 

Keko Acoustic 

Kenny Mullins 

Kid Conch 

Kip Kelly 

Kirk Adams 

Lisa Jordan 

Luke Preston

Lyndsay Wojcik 

Mad Beach Band  

Magnus Berg 

Mark Colliton 

Mark Huhta 

Matt Walker 

Matthew Haley

Mercy McCoy 

Michael Miller 

Michael Tolcher  

Michael Weiss   

"Miggie" Rowland Middleton 

Mikel Paris 

Moors & McCumber 

Mountain Holler 

Nate Currin 

Not Broken Yet 

Paint the Town Red 

Pete Merrigan 

Rachel Potter 

Rebecca Loebe 

Rebekah Pulley 

Red Molly 

Renee Giaccone 

Rich Whiteley 

Rick Demers 

Rick Neal 

Rob Tyre  

Robyn Furman 

Robin Zander 

Ron Rienhart 

Ronny Elliott 

Roy Schneider 

Russ Shirley 

Sarah Peacock 

Seth Lynch 

Shane Meade 


Steve Arvey  

Steve Tolliver 


TC Carr 

The New 76ers 

The Womack Family Band 

Todd McBride 

Tomkats Jazz Orchestra 

Tony Lucca 

Trigger City Trio 

Trop Rock Junkies 

Will Erickson  

Willy Porter 


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